Wildflowers in the Smoky Mountains

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Dwarf Crested Iris along Little River Trail

 Smoky Mountain Wildflowers


When do the Wildflowers in the Great Smoky Mountains start to bloom?

This is one of the most frequent questions we area asked. The answer is actually pretty simple once you break it down to a few parts.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a world-renowned preserve of wildflower diversity—over 1,500 kinds of flowering plants are found in the park, more than in any other of America’s National Parks. In fact, the park is sometimes referred to as the “Wildflower National Park.” From the earliest hepaticas and spring-beauties in the late winter to the last asters in the late fall, blooming Wildflowers flowers can be found year-round in the park.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park varies greatly in elevation changes. As such the temperatures depending on elevation vary as much as 20 degrees.


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